About our Practice

Dr. George R. Galluzzo, D.M.D.

Our Promise

Dr. George Galluzzo Jr. was born and raised in Ft. Lauderdale. After graduating from St. Thomas Aquinas high school, he attended Stetson University in DeLand, FL., where he was a biology major and chemistry minor. He furthered his studies at one of the top dental schools in the country–Tufts University in Boston, MA. After getting married and graduating in 1989, Dr. Gallluzzo moved back to take over his father’s Ft. Lauderdale dental practice which was established in in the 50s. He prides himself on his long-term relationships with his staff, friends and patients. We want to help people have a better life. We believe we can improve the quality of peoples lives by helping them achieve ideal dental health and their dental dreams. We believe that people who have optimal dental health will be happier, healthier, and live longer. Great looking smiles help people feel more confident.


We are in the business of improving self-esteem and providing peace of mind for those people seeking the best in dental care! We will provide the highest level of care and patience, whatever the procedure. We will help people look and feel better. We will do this based on the desires of our clients by asking questions and intently listening to maintain an open dialogue between each client and our entire team. We want our service to be gentle and supportive as well as technically advanced. Our client's priorities, values, and expectations will guide us in designing their dream smile. We believe that an informed, involved, and satisfied client is most likely to achieve the highest level of health.


We will strive to schedule our care in a manner that creates a low-stress environment for our clients as well as for our team, and in a manner that allows us to start and stop on time. We will not cut corners. We want to have fun! We will ask all satisfied clients who enjoy our services to refer their friends and family members. We will provide dentistry that will withstand the test of time so that we may be proud of our work, our fees, our image, and of our reputation!

  • To listen to and understand your dental goals and fears.
  • To design your care in ways to desensitize your fears and to help you experience an optimum visit each time.
  • To use your dental goals to guide us in designing your optimum end result.
  • To ask you periodically if your goals have changed.
  • To do your dentistry using only the best materials we would choose for ourselves.
  • To provide an accurate estimate of your dental fees before you begin treatment.
  • To reserve time in our schedule only for you so that you can be in and out on time.
  • To continuously update our skills and knowledge always providing you with best that dentistry has to offer.
  • To warranty our labor and materials.
  • To always have room for the friends and family you so graciously refer to us.
  • To surround ourselves only with a team of excellent and caring professionals who are also committed to your total well-being.

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